When anglers think of fishing apparel most look at the field to see what’s hot. When I decided to take on that field with Barbed Fishing Apparel I didn’t look around… I looked at my gear. I whipped open my gear bag and every jig, every lure, and every hook had the same thing in common, the Barbed hook! So it sank in… Barbed Fishing Apparel!!!! Many other apparel companies make designs of the fish their after, but Barbed Fishing Apparel is dedicated to the gear that the real true anglers use and trust to bring home the meat. If it wasn’t for that Barb on those hooks most or all fish watermen are after would throw off and then real fish stories begin. We are all outdoorsmen and conservationists to our sport, so we need to start dressing like one. So, let’s get geared up and get them stuck!!! Barbed Fishing Apparel!!!